Interfaith Alliance | 19-20 November 2018 | Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Interfaith Alliance Discusses What Policy Makers Can Do To Protect Children

November 19 2018

Marta Santos Pais, His Excellency Kul Chandra Guatam, Howard Taylor and Julie Inman Grant convened an afternoon session on day one of the Interfaith Alliance Conference.

The quartet discussed how the establishment of the World Wide Web in 1989 revolutionised people’s lives forever, and how if the Convention on the Rights of the Child was important then, that now in 2018 it is more vital than ever. Informational and communications technology is important for research, education at school but many risks might arise from the use of technology as well. The panel discussed how all religions and faiths have universal values that protect every child from risk of violence. The UN conducted a UN study on violence of children in 2006. The study emphasises the importance of protecting children from risks and ensuring that children get the right information and are able to make the right decisions.

The panellists agreed that the Interfaith Alliance needed to help build a world where every child can grow up free from harm and violence (including online abuse and exploitation). The solution to remedy this would be for alliances to be built in small places such as homes, schools and communities. For example, parents should be encouraged to jointly surf the net with their children in their own homes, promoting joint safety. Schools need to empower teachers so they can raise awareness of the risks of the online world. Finally the private sector should look at developing digital tools, which ensure families and young children can surf the web without risk.

Faith based organisations can help make the best use of technology, by investing in children and promoting solutions, which informs children’s views and experiences on what risk means., ensuring children can be empowered, becoming informed digital citizens, and at the same time help them have solid values.

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