Interfaith Alliance | 19-20 November 2018 | Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Interfaith Alliance Conference Gets Underway

November 19 2018

Fatima Al Kabbi, the UAE’s youngest inventor at the age of 17, opened the Interfaith Alliance Conference today with a touching explanation of how millions of children across the world live in danger, because of poverty and war but also because of the internet.

Al Kabbi noted that whilst we live in the age of social media and children love being online,  the web has a dark side and can be used by those who would harm children.

Fatima Al Kabbi said: "Children are innocent and trusting, they need protecting. We hope that religious communities will do this as they often act as mentors."

Al Kabbi closed her speech by thanking all the attending delegates for working towards a better future for children across the world.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah, the Chairman of the Emirates Fatwa Council, followed with the session’s keynote speech of the morning, in which he noted the appropriateness of hosting this year’s conference in Abu Dhabi during the centennial year of the birth of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, given that the late Sheikh Zayed held the future of children very close to his heart.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah said: “I would like to express my appreciation and to thank his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and to thank the organisers, and to thank the UAE for hosting this highly important conference. We are here to talk about children and to focus on their futures and the future of humanity. Protecting both children and women’s rights is one of the key cornerstones of all religions. In the Muslim faith, Sharia institutions are dedicated to fostering environments for children to not only be protected, but to thrive. However the concept of schooling peaceful communities for bringing up children is not exclusive to the Muslim faith but a core part of the three Abrahamic religions of the world.”

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah concluded by underlining his own enthusiasm for the outcomes this year’s conference would achieve, and for the results of future conferences to be even more ambitious in nature

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