Interfaith Alliance


In order to fulfill our objective, we are conducting a number of events around the world under our two themes in collaboration with our partners. Events include global forums, regional workshops, panel discussions, documentary screenings and participation in major events.


Child Dignity in the Digital World

The Interfaith Alliance is working to ensure the dignity of children in the digital world, by mobilizing faith leaders and equipping them with the knowledge to effectively combat online child sexual abuse and exploitation (OCSE). The Interfaith Alliance has organized several events towards this goal, including

  • Global forums
  • Regional workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Travelling exposition
  • Documentary screenings
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Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are posing an increased threat to our communities across the world both in terms of community safety as well as community prosperity. 

The Interfaith Alliance is working to mobilize faith leaders in combatting hate crimes by fostering Interreligious and intercultural understanding in communities.

  • Regional workshops
  • Panel discussions
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