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The Wear My Shoes Award was established by Arigatou International’s Day for Prayer and Action, and has been sponsored by the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities since its first edition. The award aims to recognize outstanding practices at the grassroots level focus on protecting the rights and well-being of


2023 Edition: Climate change

This edition of the award aimed to recognize grassroot efforts to protect children from the impact of climate change.

  1. Helping Our Planet through Environmental Empowerment at School System (HOPE) [Colombia]
  2. The Children Climate Artist Project [Cameroon]
  3. Protecting our Planet, We Protect our Rights – Information. Motivation Action. [Romania]
  4. Eco Warrior Bandstand Beach – Cleaning at Bandra [India]
  5. The Mont Fleuri Secondary School Protect [Seychelles]

2022 Edition: Children on the Move

The award focused on protecting the rights and well-being of children who are “on the move” which includes refugees, migrants, and internally displaced children.

  1. Child Action Lanka [Sri Lanka]
  2. Fundación Internacional de Derechos Humanos El Shaddai [Colombia]
  3. Ong Red De Apoyo Solidario [Chile]
  4. Fountain of Hope [Malawi]
  5. Mozaik BIH & GNRC-BIH [Bosnia and Herzegovina]

2021 Edition: Back to School

The award recognized outstanding practices carried out during the global pandemic.

  1. Listening to the Voice of Children and Adolescents [Ecuador]
  2. Knowing and Applying our Rights [Mexico]
  3. Children of the Internet [Cuba]
  4. Learning at Home Program [Myanmar]
  5. School of Goodwill – Volunteers in the Service of Children [Serbia]