Interfaith Alliance


We believe in the power of community and the strength of collective action. Our events bring stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to raise awareness, foster dialogue, and drive meaningful change on pressing social issues

G20 Engagement

Side Event: UN NGO CSW68

(New York City, USA)

March 2024

World Day for Prayer and Action 2021

(Dubai, UAE)

November 2021

Promoting Digital Child Dignity


November 2019

Hate in our Communities

(New York City, USA)

September 2019

UN General Assembly Participation Week

(New York City, USA)

September 2019

World Government Summit

(Dubai, UAE)

February 2019

Hate Crimes Regional Workshops

January 2020

World Economic Forum

(Davos, Switzerland)

January 2019

Child Dignity in the Digital World

(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

November 2018

Child Dignity Regional Workshops

June 2018