Interfaith Alliance

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are applicable to all users and visitors to the Interface Alliance’s website. Access to the website may be stopped, and/or prevented, and/or terminated in the event of any violation on part by any user, or if there are valid reasons to believe that any user has violated the terms and conditions.

Users shall not be permitted to violate or attempt to violate the procedures and regulations applicable to website protection. Such procedures and regulations include but are not limited to:
1. Access to data that is not intended for this particular user or logging into a server or an account that the user is not authorized to access.

2. Attempt to conduct any sort of test or survey to detect any vulnerability in a system or network used by the Interface Alliance, or for violating or documenting the integrity of the applicable procedures, without an official authorization from the Interface Alliance.

3. Attempt to interfere with or disrupt the provided service to any user, host, or network. Such attempts include but are not limited to placing a virus on the website, overloading or overwhelming the website, sending promotional messages or ads, flooding it with emails, or even crashing it.

4. Send unsolicited emails to the website including advertisements of services or products, forging any TCP/IP or any part of the address details in any email, or sending newsletters.

5. Use the Interface Alliance’s website by any means to send emails relating to the website, on its behalf, or by referring to it, or assuming its identity in order to defame the Interface Alliance, its website or any person, or announce any false news or information and attribute them to the Interface Alliance.

Violators of the rules of usage, system or network will be subject to civil and criminal liability. Cases of such violations shall be investigated and the person involved shall be legally prosecuted.